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Pressure Washing Leads

$75.00 / month with 1 month free trial and a $200.00 sign-up fee

We provide exclusive leads at a very affordable rate so you can focus on growing your business. Stop paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars for those other services we won’t name *caugh…caugh Angi’s* *caugh…caugh Home Advisor!*

It’s also the same price every month, so there’s no guessing how much you’re going to be billed, which makes budgeting so much easier. You get charge the same no matter if you got 6 leads or 200 leads!

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Tired of Angi’s & Home Advisors BS?

It’s no secret that some of the big names in the lead generation business charge you hundred if not thousands of dollars a month. When you’re trying to grow your business that’s just not feasible. On top of that, the lead your getting was also sold up to 10 times to different washers in your area and they’re charging all of you for that lead. If that lead is being sold to 10 different people, your chance of actually getting that lead is 10%. If someone walked up to you and said “if you give me $800 there’s a 10% chance I’ll send you a customer” you’d tell that person to go kick rocks.


Why Is This Different Than Angi’s & Home Advisors?

Unlike them, I’m also a pressure washer so I understand the pains of trying to grow, prior to washing, I did Digital Marketing, SEO, and Web Design so I understand the lead generation portion of their business model, without being a life sucking vampire.

We also do not sell your lead to ANYONE ELSE! This is YOUR lead and you deserve exclusive rights to it!


How Does It Work?

Simple, do a search for the city you service, in the search results look for the product that matches your city, add to cart, and checkout.

There will be an initial charge of $200, this covers getting all of your information updated on that page, and some initial SEO expenses to make sure we are ranking on the first page of Google search results.

There will then be a monthly recurring charge of just $75, this goes toward maintaining the website and the rank of the page so you’re always at, or just below the top rank.


Restrictions & Side Notes?

The only “restriction” we have, is that you must have insurance.

Keep in mind, if you would like to be listed on more than one city page, you will have the same fees for each individual city.



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